Equine Services

Guardian is proud to have been the first company to offer whole horse cremation services in Southern California. As the alternative to the current industry standards of rendering, quartering, or disposal in landfills, it is our mission to provide respectful aftercare services to the equine community.

We provide a very personalized service and every animal is treated with respect. We invite you to accompany your horse on their final journey to Guardian. After your horse’s arrival, we will spend time with them and groom them a final time prior to cremation. If you would like, we will clip the tail and a piece of the mane to be braided with a choice of colored ribbons. If your horse has shoes, they will be returned along with the cremains. Every animal is cremated with a prayer scroll. We will try to accommodate and honor any special requests regarding your horse’s aftercare.

Your horse will come home in a beautiful horse “urn” which is included in the price of our private cremation. We also offer a special order horse “urn”. This urn is available in a variety of trim and color options. Please contact Guardian for more information.
Equine Cremation

$ 1,250
$ 800
$ 800

*Additional cost for animals that have been autopsied may apply.

We offer transport and delivery services, from Santa Barbara to San Diego, and will work with you and your veterinarian in any way we can to help you through this difficult time.

For assistance in transportation of your horse,
please contact us at 818-768-6465

Guardian also cremates other large animals. Please give us a call to discuss your special needs.